Below is our latest published agenda:

Sully and Lavernock Community Council
Cyngor Cymuned Abersili a Larnog

Ordinary Meeting of the Council 
To be held on Tuesday 5 March 2019 commencing at 6.15pm
in the Sports Pavilion, Burnham Avenue, Sully

Please note the meeting will be audibly recorded.  The recording will be listened to by the Acting Clerk only and will be recorded over as soon as the minutes are approved. 


1    To receive Apologies for Absence.

2    To receive Declarations of Interest.

3    To vote in new Chair.
4    To discuss the election or co-option of a new Councillor. 
5    To consider a Community Councillor’s proposal that the Community Council should be dissolved. 
6    To receive the report of the representatives of The Vale of Glamorgan County Borough Council.    

    Democratic Session 30 Minutes

7    To approve the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council held on 29 January 2019 
8    To consider matters arising from the Ordinary Meeting of the Council held on 29 January 2019

9    To approve the following new or updated documents:
•    Terms of Reference for the Personnel and Policy Working Group
•    The Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
•    The Whistleblowing Policy
•    The Grievance Policy and Procedure
•    The Harassment and Bullying Policy
10    To consider the report of the Chairman of the Council.

11    To receive the report of the Acting Clerk to the Council.

12    To consider correspondence received.

13    To consider Health and Safety Matters

14    To consider the reports of meetings of Working Groups:
 2. Personnel 
 3. Panning
 4. Playing Fields and Jubilee Hall

15    To reconsider membership of Working Groups and vote in any new members as necessary. 
16    To consider the reports of representatives on external bodies:
 1. Governing Body: Sully Primary School.
 2. Governing Body: Evenlode Primary School.
 3. Community Liaison Committee. 
 4.  Chemical Advisory Committee

17    To receive a report from Cllr Garland on the Penarth and Wellbeing Hub.

18    To appoint representatives from the Council to be on the War Memorial Working Group with the Saving Sully & Lavernock Group. 
19    T0 appoint Cllr Scaglioni as the Council’s Disability Representative.

20    To remove section 7.4 from the Council’s Financial Regulations, as recommended by the Finance Working Group. 

21    To consider and approve payments.

22    To consider the purchase of a piece of playground equipment to put in the new space (from the removal of the hedge and moving of Sailing Club fence) in the Play Area. 

23    To sign a direct debit to BT, to avoid late payment.  

24    To note receipt and content of the External Auditor’s certificate and report.
25    To consider the financial position of the Council.
26    To consider whether to apply for funding from the Welsh Government to set up joint arrangements with other Community & Town Councils
27    To consider matters that the Chair considers should be urgently referred to Council.
28    To agree the time and date of the next council meeting.


Sully and Lavernock Community Council is keen to make a difference to the community.  Please get in touch to share your ideas.


Sully and Lavernock Community Council

Jubilee Hall

Smithies Avenue

Sully, Vale of Glamorgan

CF64 5SS


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