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The Old School Church Community Centre is situated in the coastal village of Sully, situated between


We want to provide community leadership and a vision for the future.  With open and honest communication and putting the community at the heart of everything we do for the benefit of all.




Sully and Lavernock hold an Ordinary Community Council meeting each month (except August).


The Annual Meeting of the Community Council is held in May of each year.




The Community Council hopes that this website will be a valuable resource within the area and contains information about the Community Council’s responsibilities.

If you have ideas for the website then please get in touch with your suggestion...


  The Sully and Lavernock Community Council is keen to communicate in an effective manner with all its residents and to provide a focal point of information for both residents and visitors alike. We want to stimulate public interest and pride in Sully and Lavernock

to promote high standards of planning and design.  We will promote the provision of public and community facilities to enhance the quality of life in Sully and Lavernock.  We need to secure the conservation of features of architectural, historic or public interest

to promote environmental and social sustainability.  Finally we will aim to be financially efficient and ensure that the Council spends the funds it receives for the benefit of all the residents of Sully and Lavernock.

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