Sully - £2M Section 106 motion suffers a narrow defeat at Vale of Glamorgan Council meeting on 7th D

Dear Resident,

Sully - £2M Section 106 motion suffers a narrow defeat at Vale of Glamorgan Council meeting on 7thDecember 2020

At Monday night’s Vale of Glamorgan Full Council meeting the motion (shown below) put forward by Cllr Bob Penrose and seconded by Cllr Kevin Mahoney suffered a narrow defeat, when it came to a recorded vote by all Councillors attending the Virtual meeting.

The actual record of the vote was

  • 21 votes against the proposal.

  • 18 votes for the proposal

  • 6 abstentions (including all 3 Plaid Cymru Councillors)

The motion made by Cllr Penrose and seconded by Cllr Mahoney was as follows

I request the Vale of Glamorgan Council countermand the decision made by the Education Department to appropriate £2,000,000 of Section 106 monies received from Taylor Wimpey (in respect of the Cog Development – allocated for education in the Sully Ward) which they now plan to allocate to a new Ysgol y Deri school satellite building under the Welsh Government “Band B” schedule.

I require this decision to be reversed as the Section 106 monies are for education in Sully and should be allocated to the replacement or the remodelling of Sully Primary School”

At the commencement of the debate Cllr Penrose read out the motion and then addressed the meeting with the following statement -

The reason I have placed this motion before Council this evening, is because the actions proposed by the Education department creates a precedence and flies in the face of the democratic process for both the residents and the local elected members.

At a virtual ‘Teams’ meeting with the Section 106 manager and senior education managers, Cllr Mahoney and myself, were informed that £2M of the Sully S106 monies for education were being appropriated to finance a new remote location of Ysgol y Deri school without any consultation with the two local elected members. When queried by myself I was told that this action was permissible and did not require the consultation or agreement of the local members owing to delegated powers passed by Council some time ago.

I find this situation totally unacceptable and could only assume Cllr Mahoney and myself would not have been made aware of the proposed scheme, had we not insisted on calling the S106 meeting.

At this point I would like to emphasise that neither Cllr Mahoney or myself are opposed to the concept of a satellite educational facility for Ysgol y Deri and that we both appreciate the excellent and sterling work undertaken by this school, our objection is purely against the undiscussed acquisition of £2 M of funds from the Sully S106 education monies.

I would now like to briefly state the financial funding of this project for the benefit of all elected members who may not be aware.

The total funds for the new school amounts to £11 M of which Welsh Government, under 21st Century Schools ‘Band B’ schedule, will be funding £8.25 M, leaving a balance to the Vale of Glamorgan Council of £2.5 M, of which £2 M will be taken from Sully S106 monies, that is approximately 75%.