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Luxury hanging baskets

Im now taking orders for luxury summer hanging baskets.

With a bit of regular water, you can achieve a lovely, trailing basket - an excellent bit of colour for your garden this season. See photos attached of my hanging baskets from previous years.

Hanging basket refils availble at a reduced price.

Only £9 each for the 12 inch baskets and £16.50 for the large baskets. I can make larger baskets to suit budgets and for local business etc.

Baskets will be available from the begining of May.

Please message your order if you would like one, i can also fit brackets too.

*** if you have any hanging baskets or plant pots laying around, i can call over and fill them all up. All you have to do is water. ***

All plants locally grown in Sully by me!!

Free delivery in Sully. They are of course very popular and i can only make so many so first come first served.

Contact Jack on 07709231280

Thank you all for reading. Happy gardening.

Hanging basket image

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