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Sully Sailing Club Open Day - Reminder

Saturday 19th May : 11am to 3pm

Sully Sailing Club are one of many sailing clubs across the country offering "have a go" taster sessions as part of the RYA Push The Boat Out event.

If you, your family or friends have ever fancied trying out sailing, we'd love it if you'd come along and have a go. You will need to be at least 8 years old and prepared to get your feet wet!

They'll be plenty of boats of different types and sizes available on the day. Experienced members of the sailing club will be on hand to take visitors out for a sail in Sully Bay!

Even if the sun is shining it can be quite cool on the water in May, so bring warm clothing and a windproof or prefereably waterproof coat.

We can't guarantee the weather and if it is windy there may be a chance you will get wet.

If you have a wetsuit, such as for surfing, bring that along.

We have changing rooms and hot showers for the more adventurous but will hope to give you a chance to try sailing and stay dry if that's what you want. Your feet will get wet though, so bring old trainers.

Picture of a Yacht

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