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Welsh Government Owned Land Near Penarth

The Council has supported this proposal outlined below by Social Farms & Gardens in Wales.

SF&G need your help. We are embarking upon a visionary future farming pilot. We have identified 280 acres of Welsh Government owned farmland (see attachment) that is coming up for a (very short!) Farm Business Tenancy of just 2 years.

They are asking Welsh Government to offer us this tenancy so that we could co-create an exemplar model of sustainable land management that delivers for our future generations, tackles our climate emergency, reverses our species decline, improves biodiversity, allows greater access, supports many jobs and produces food and fibre in a sustainable way.

21 06 10 - Particulars Penarth - English - TPD
Download PDF • 518KB
Positioning Paper To Welsh Gov Land at Penarth June'21
Download PDF • 208KB



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