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Save the farmland and green fields at Cosmeston Petition

Dear Resident,

Keep Cosmeston Green have raised a petition to “Save the farmland and green fields at Cosmeston” through the Welsh Parliament. The petition can be found through this link,

Save the farmland and green fields at Cosmeston.

We call on Welsh Ministers to adhere to their environmental and climate change policies and to the principles of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2005 and urge the Welsh Government to withdraw their plans for a 576 housing units development on the scenic coastal fields and farmland at Lower Cosmeston Farm, Cosmeston.

These green fields lie on an area of coastline and farming landscape between the Bristol Channel, Wales Coastal Path and Cosmeston Lakes Country Park (SSSI) and any development on these fields will greatly affect the local wildlife ecology and biodiversity here and in the surrounding areas together with a loss of the areas countryside amenity and local cultural historical heritage Such a large development will be unsustainable due to the lack of local highway and health infrastructure and will exacerbate traffic congestion and flooding in nearby areas. The land should be kept for farming and associated businesses which together with local community amenity projects will maintain the prospects of the landscape for the well being of Future Generations. Please sign the petition if you want to “Save the farmland and green fields at Cosmeston” Michael Philip Garland Chair – Keep Cosmeston Green



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