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Planning Application No. 2020/01170/OUT (RL) Location: Land at Upper Cosmeston Farm, Lavernock Road

Mr. Robert Lankshear

The Vale of Glamorgan Council Dock Office,

Barry Docks,

Barry CF63 4RT

23rd August 2022

Your Ref: P/DC/RL/2020/01170/OUT

Dear Mr Lankshear,

Further to your letter of 25th July last I write on behalf of Sully and Lavernock Community Council to record our concerns regarding the above application.

You will have received a number of detailed expressions of concern in relation to this application in both its original and current iterations, particularly in relation to:

• The increased traffic load on Lavernock Road from the proposed residential development, the schools included in the proposal, the traffic from new housing in Sully and the attendant pollution from it all

• The threat of increased flooding on Lavernock Road • The inappropriateness of the setting for such a development and the attendant loss of agricultural land

• The loss of green space • The impact of the development on biodiversity • The loss of architectural and archaeological legacy

• The threat to the character of the Wales Coastal Path

• The threat of and risk of coastal erosion

• The contamination of the site from previous disposal of hazardous chemicals

We fully support the technical objections which have been lodged by others in relation to these issues. Arguably it is in this council’s interest to support the application. Situated as it is in Lavernock Ward it would lead to an increase in the council’s precept receipts. We do not regard this as a reason to support an application which would have such a damaging impact on our local community and setting.

Moreover, the application aims to create a strong community on the site. How do you build a strong community when families and their properties are exposed to the hazards listed above, hazards that if realised will shatter any sense of achievement in putting down roots? How does a lender assess the risk of chemical leakage or coastal erosion on a mortgage application? How does a developer assess the commercial risk of such a development? How does a planning authority assess the political risk of allowing such a development?

We recommend that the application be rejected. Yours sincerely, Lino Scaglioni Chair Sully & Lavernock Community Council



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