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Parking Restrictions

Dear Sully Residents,

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Sully Primary School now has multiple entrances in use. This has caused a significant increase in the number of pedestrians and vehicles using the lane at the bottom of Burnham Avenue. There is no footpath on this lane and vehicles parked alongside the school fence significantly reduce the width of the carriageway, causing conflict between motorists and pedestrians. The Vale of Glamorgan has agreed to temporarily remove the parking facility by the side of the school from Monday to Friday during school term time, utilising this area as a pedestrian route to provide a safe access for students/parents/guardians attending our school.

Roadwall barriers have been placed on this lane to provide a segregated walking route alongside the school fence between the school gates on Burnham Avenue and the playing field entrance. These will be placed on a Monday morning and remain in-situ until after school finish times on Friday afternoon. Temporary Covid and ‘Children in Road’ signs are placed and removed daily.

This scheme will be operated on a trial basis until Christmas and then reviewed at the start of the school Spring term 2021. Consultations involved a local community councillor, the headteacher and representatives from transport, traffic, road safety and engineering. The Vale of Glamorgan Council H&S officer was also advised.

We hope you can appreciate the need for us to put in place this temporary walkway and appreciate your support in this matter.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Andrea Waddington

Acting Headteacher

Sully Primary School



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