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Letter from your New Councillor.

Updated: Jun 11, 2021


Dear Lavernock Resident,

Robin Lynn is your new Sully & Lavernock Community Councillor. 101 of you voted for

him on March 11th, for which many thanks. 52 of you voted for his opponent; thank you for your participation, but OVER 600 OF YOU DIDN’T VOTE!

The turnout was 19%! Why was this? Comparisons are sometimes invidious but on the same day the turnout in Sully was 29%. We’re told that’s respectable by community council by-election standards, so what’s going wrong in Lavernock? Why was it that both candidates had to come from outside the ward? Is it, according to the survey by the Sully & Lavernock Our Future Community group, “…(that) many respondents felt that SLCC was out of touch with the community and hard to reach or influence”?

The Council has no specific responsibilities for anything much in Lavernock, particularly when compared with Sully. In Sully, the council is responsible for such things as maintenance of the cricket, bowls, football, play areas and other facilities. In Lavernock our responsibilities extend to a notice board!

Don’t forget that you contribute to the cost of all this.

If we’re doing nothing for you, why should you participate? So what would you like us to do for you……? Whatever you come up with we’d like to know, so email us at with your suggestions. We hope to hold an extraordinary meeting via Zoom, focusing on Lavernock issues, late May or early June. Email us at the same address and we will get the link out to you. As soon as it’s possible to hold public meetings we will hold one at a venue convenient to Cosmeston.

We look forward to hearing from you, and big thanks to Michael Garland for his support during the election.

Cllrs Martyn James and Robin Lynn



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