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Council Run Facilities still remain Closed.

At a meeting of Sully and Lavernock Community Council on the 7th September 2021 the council made a decision to keep council run facilities closed pending any further decision/advice to the contrary.

Following further guidance, the Community Council have reviewed that decision and I am pleased to say that council facilities will be open to accommodate previous users of the facilities particularly children’s groups and users of the playing fields.

This is subject to the provision of adequate risk assessments that are acceptable to the clerk, and adherence to them for activities undertaken on Sully and Lavernock Community owned and managed facilities.

Whilst current Welsh government legislation allows for gatherings indoors it is only possible if all parties involved supply and adhere to the risk assessments provided. The clerk is more than willing to assist in this regard.

Breaches of any risk assessments or the conditions of hire of the facilities may well result in the matter being brought before the Community Council. In the interim those found in breach will be asked to leave the facilities.

Kind Regards

Steve Oaten

Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Sully and Lavernock Community Council



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