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We are a group of local people who share an ambition to make Sully & Lavernock a better place to live. Central to our approach will be engaging as many members of the community as possible in the process of researching, developing and finalising a plan for Sully & Lavernock. Amongst other things, this process will help in identifying:

• the needs and aspirations of our community; • solutions to issues; • where relevant, possible sources of funding.

Working within the planning frameworks defined by Welsh Government, and with the support of both Sully & Lavernock Community Council and Vale of Glamorgan Council, our objective is to develop a written Community Plan for adoption and implementation. Members of Our Future Community attended a number of community events during the Summer and the feedback from this has provided considerable insight into how Sully & Lavernock could be improved. Building on this feedback, our next step will be to conduct a more comprehensive and detailed survey to assemble opinions and ideas. To maximise participation, the survey will be made available for completion both online and in hard copy. Findings from the survey will identify key issues and ideas from the community. These will then be discussed in more detail by groups in a series of workshops, the emphasis being on exploring practical and workable solutions.

Our Future Community is open to all who want to make a positive contribution. We are particularly keen to identify residents with relevant professional skills and experience. If you would like to help, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Kaarina Ruta Richard Thomas Eni Hansen-Magnusson Corrado Ruta Katrina Walters

Community Councillor Kay Francis Bowring Community Councillor Rod Thomas

Matt Russell Brendan Sadka Karen Rogers

Working together, we can make Sully a great place to live !

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