We would like to thank the many volunteers that came to our beach clean, it was a very successful day. A special thanks to Councillor Kay Francis-Bowring who helped all day and made soup and cakes. Thanks to everyone who brought cakes, they were delicious.

A large area was cleaned and we completed a survey of a 100m section in front of the Jubilee Field, the data has been sent to the Marine Conservation Society, the details are below:

Did you find any unusual items? -

A beer can dated 1986. Sofa Seat cushion, Bike tyre frame, brass disc, scissor handle, ink cartridge

Was there any oil or tar? NO

Were there any plastic pellets? NO

Did you find any stranded, entangled or dead animals? NO


1 X Bag ends

14 X Bags (e.g. shopping)

3 X Bottles/containers/drums

7 X Bottles/containers: Cleaner

28 X Bottles/containers: Drinks

3 X Bottles/containers - Toiletries

42 X Caps/lids