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Community Council Notice

South Wales Police are warning the public to be cautious and vigilant after a number of people have reported being contacted by someone claiming to be a police officer. This person then uses an elaborate story in an attempt to get the victim to hand over significant amounts of money. Last week alone there were 8 reports of calls of this nature being made to people in Cardiff have been received by South Wales Police and similar reports have been made by residents in the Vale of Glamorgan on an almost daily basis. In some instances, the victims were told their bank cards had been cloned, or they had been a victim of fraud and they were asked to provide their bank details. During other calls, the victims were told a family member had been arrested while others were told to visit cashpoints and draw out thousands of pounds to hand over to a ‘courier’ who would collect the money from their home. In all the cases, the person calling claimed to be a detective and was so convincing that some of those affected have handed over the money or bank details requested. These scammers are extremely persuasive and convincing, they are often very successful in duping people into handing over substantial amounts of money. Many of last week’s victims are elderly but realistically anyone can be targeted by these scammers. I would urge everyone to be on their guard and talk to friends and loved ones about scams. The more awareness there is of scams such as this, the less successful they will be. Please can I ask that anything suspicious is reported to us via 101 immediately. Anyone who thinks they may have fallen victim to a scammer should report is via 101 or Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Leighanne Norris 55688 Stanwell Ward/ Gward Stanwell/ Sully Ward/ Gward Sully

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