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SLRA Vale Library free service

Do you work with or know people who are housebound and could benefit from the Vale Libraries Home Library Service? This Service uses volunteers to deliver books to people in their homes. This free service is ideal for anyone who can no longer get to a library themselves because of disability, mobility or other issues. Every four weeks a volunteer will drop off a bag of books for the reader and collect the previous month’s books. The volunteer can bring books in a number of formats – ordinary print, large print or talking books on CD. All the reader has to do is give the volunteer an idea of the kind of books they like – books by a particular author for example, or historical fiction, crime, romances or non-fiction – there’s loads to choose from!

If you think this service might be just what you are looking for or if you know of someone who could benefit from it, please call Melanie on 01446 422419 for more information.

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